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Never use sticks on volunteers. Carrots, too, are a poor choice. The word volunteer from the Latin root velle means 'to will, to wish', as in wishing to do something from one's own free will, without coercion or payment. Motivation however - is another thing.

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We've probably heard enough about millennials, innovation and disruption to last, well, a millennium. So do we need a new approach, app or platform to engage potential volunteers? 

Multicultural couple

While organisations can benefit through working with linguistically diverse volunteers, it is important to support their needs to ensure they feel involved and valued. 

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Free training sessions are being offered by The Office of the Children's Guardian for workers and volunteers in child related organisations within NSW. 

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People might volunteer to use their skills for meaningful purpose, or just to have a change of scene from their workaday lives. Finding out their motivations can help with retention and engagement.

Volunteer of the year awards logo

The 12th annual Volunteer of the Year Awards was recently held in Sydney, recognising the dedication and commitment shown by volunteers across the state.

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Penrith Community Hub now open. The Community Hub is a client centred support and referral service operated by St Vincent de Paul Society Western Sydney. It offers emergency relief, assessment and referral support for people experiencing disadvantage.