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young woman showing older woman how to use a program on a laptop

Would you love to share your digital skills and knowledge to assist seniors become more confident with their digital needs? As a Digital Mentor you can assist seniors to learn digital skills such as how to send an sms on a smartphone or how to email on a tablet or how to use a laptop to browse the net. 

Young volunteers help senior people on the computer. Young people giving senior people introduction to internet

Give people the power to be online and use technology! Become a Digital Mentor today. Everything is going online; without the skills to use technology, people are becoming more and more excluded from the modern world and all it has to offer. A digital mentor provides one-on-one support to help people learn about technology

Is making a website accessible hard? There are many myths web-designers believe that stops them from designing their website to be accessible. Too much effort? Won't it cost too much? Will it be ugly?

Lady on tablet

A new aged care start-up could help elderly people become more digitally literate and less socially excluded. The organisation, Conpago, creates tablets, software and even robots to assist the elderly in their homes and in aged care facilities.

Two older people using a smartphone to take a selfie

One of the biggest requests in digital mentoring sessions is related to taking, viewing and sharing photos on smart devices. While seasoned technology users may have thousands of photos, those who are not confident in technology may not have many, making it harder for them to reflect on their memories.

Student writing at desk

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, 1 in 20 students in NSW government schools do not have a device that they can use to access the internet at home, and almost seven percent do not have internet access. While these students often have the literacy to use devices, by not having access to their own they can struggle to complete schoolwork.

Doctor helping man in medical appointment

Steven Issa has been appointed as the inaugural Chief Digital Officer of the Australian Digital Health Agency, with the goal of increasing the success of digital programs and outcomes across the agency. This comes after the My Health Record system opt-out period was extended until the 31st of January after public and opposition backlash.

Two farmers using ipad in a paddock

Farmers in regional Western Australia will receive $5 million worth of new and upgraded digital networks to provide greater support to those outside of the National Broadband Network.

Group of people around table collaborating

As digital inclusion gains greater prominence within society, it is vital for organisations to adapt to the changing needs of their clients to maintain relevance, trust and loyalty.

Person holding iPad with city on screen

A new digital transformation strategy has been released, stating that by 2025 all Australian Government services will be online. Accompanying this goal was over 70 initiatives aimed to make the transition towards the digitisation of all services easier and more accessible for those who will be most affected by the shift.